Graven – The best of Apache Maven and Gradle

I’m back !!! I have a lot of things to share and I would like to restart this blog in english. I don’t yet know which frequency of publication I’ll be able to have but I will do my best to keep this blog alive.
To start I wanted to share with you something we developed few months ago with Gregory Boissinot (@gboissinot). While we were traveling everywhere in France to show Maven and Gradle in various Java User Groups we had a strange idea : “And if we tried to do a new tool taking the best of Gradle and Apache Maven”. While we had a lot of train we started to develop it and Graven was born. For now it is only at early stage of development but you’ll find below a quick demo of it. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Ok, nothing is perfect and we may have to improve few things but isn’t it a good start ?
As we love OpenSource spirit, we published our work on Github. Feel free to contribute.

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